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Biretix is the expert retinoid brand for acne-prone skin


The Biretix range is designed to effectively: 

  • Reduce spot-causing bacteria 

  • Renew and remove dead skin cells

  • Regulate sebum

  • Reduce inflammation


Their products contain the combination of Retinsphere® Technology and BIOPEP-15, to improve the condition and appearance of acne-prone skin, maintaining an optimal balance between efficacy and tolerability for use over prolonged periods of time

The patented technologies smooths skin and reduces blemishes and imperfections through a gradual release system which facilitates the penetration of retinol into the deeper layers of the skin where it acts in a sustained way over time, as well as contrasts proliferation of Cutibacterium acnes, the main bacteria involved in the development of acne


These pioneering ingredients and formulations

  •  promote the growth and differentiation of cells to combat wrinkles, pigmentation and fine lines.

  • inhibit the synthesis of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the production of melanin, to reduce dark spots.

  • normalise the formation of the follicular epithelium so that it does not become clogged and lead to acne.


Our Products


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