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Heliocare® is a leading line of sun protection products. The company provides the best daily defence against sun damage and premature skin ageing

Each product is packed with intelligent ingredients that provide maximum broad spectrum protection against the sun’s damaging rays and defend the skin from deep within

Every Heliocare product contains Fernblock®, a powerful natural ingredient that is unique to the Heliocare® range.

Fernblock® comes from the fern Polypodium Leucotomos. Over time, this plant has developed a protective mechanism from the sun. Fernblock® harnesses this natural plant power to benefit the skin in so many ways, including defending skin cells from damage caused by the sun and protecting our skin cell DNA. It’s the result of years of research and is backed by significant clinical data

As well as the unique and powerful Fernblock®, Heliocare 360° also contains additional anti-oxidants to help boost the health of the skin, including green tea extract, vitamin C and E. Every Heliocare 360° product contains powerful DNA repair enzymes that not only help to repair damage, but prevent additional damage from happening.


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What is the difference between Heliocare and Heliocare 360? Heliocare provides high-level broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, as well as super anti-oxidant activity with Fernblock plus DNA protection and repair. Heliocare 360˚ is the latest advancement in the Heliocare range. In addition to the protection offered by the Heliocare range mentioned above, Heliocare 360˚ also protects the skin against visible light and infrared-A - both of which are proven to cause damage to the skin that can lead to premature skin ageing, and harm skin health. Both visible light and infrared-A can cause damage all year round, penetrating cloud and glass - so even on the cloudiest days, our skin is still at risk.


Is Heliocare vegan friendly? Heliocare and Heliocare 360˚ topical creams and gels do not contain any animal-derived components and therefore are classed as vegan friendly.

Why do I need to wear sun protection all year round, even when it’s not sunny? The sun emits different kinds of radiation, UVB is strongest in the summer months and cannot penetrate cloud - it’s UVB that can cause sunburn. But sunburn isn’t the only way that the sun can damage skin. The sun also emits UBA, visible light and infrared-A - all of which are proven to cause damage to the skin which can lead to premature skin ageing, and harm the health of your skin. What's more, these types of radiation cause damage all year round, penetrating cloud and even glass - so even on the cloudiest days, or while driving, our skin is at risk of damage.


How much sun protection should I apply, and when should I apply it? To get the full level of protection stated on the packaging (both the PA rating for UVA protection and the SPF level for UVB protection), you need to apply 2mg of product per cm2 of skin – which equates to roughly a finger length of product for the face. Applying less than this hugely affects the SPF protection that you’re getting. Apply your sun protection product as the last product before you apply any make-up. Make sure you get right up to the hairline and around the eye – taking care not to get any product in the eye. Apply to any exposed areas – the neck and back of hands are often forgotten and tend to get a lot of exposure to the sun and daylight. We recommend re-applying your sun protection every 2-3 hours during periods of intense sun exposure, after swimming, sweating or towelling the skin. It can be tricky to reapply your sun protection during the day once you have your makeup on top – the Heliocare 360° color compacts are a great way of topping up your protection and foundation in one go – they’re really handy to have in your handbag.


Can the Invisible Spray be used on the face? No, as with any Heliocare product we need to avoid contact with the eyes, so spraying product onto the face is not recommended – particularly with the Invisible Spray which has a very fine spray. We recommend that you find the Heliocare 360° facial product that suits your skin perfectly, and use that on the face.


What star rating are Heliocare products? Heliocare products are not tested against the Boots Star Rating, which although used in the UK, has not been adopted as a major international standard. It has, however, been recognised that consumers need a clearer way of establishing the level of UVA protection that they get from products, which is why the latest Heliocare range (Heliocare 360°) and any future developments are given a PA + rating, which is an internationally recognised standard. PA ratings are established through the Persistent Pigment Darkening Test (PPD), which is carried out on human skin. It’s the only UVA test done in this way, and is the test that has the closest correlation with SPF testing (the amount of product, and calculations used are very similar). The test measures the skins response to UVA, which is then assessed against a grading system of PA + to PA ++++ (with 4 + being the highest level of protection, giving up to 16 times greater protection when the product is used). More recent studies into sun protection have also shown the importance of protecting the skin against damage caused by not only UVA and UVB, but also visible light and infrared-A. The Heliocare 360° range takes these studies into consideration, and also protects the skin against visible light and infrared-A, which are present all year round, penetrating cloud and even glass.


Can you use 360° capsules during pregnancy or breastfeeding? Although there are no known side effects, Heliocare 360° Capsules are not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Research isn’t carried out in this group, so there is not enough evidence to confirm its safety.

Are Heliocare products Alcohol Free? The Heliocare 360° facial products are alcohol free.

I suffer from Rosacea, can I use Heliocare? We would recommend a patch test to ensure the product is suitable for the skin, however as sunlight can be a major trigger for rosacea, so using sun protection can often help by protecting the skin and preventing a flare up.

The Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance and Water Gel have both been tested on sensitive skin, so it may be beneficial for you to choose between those.


Can I use Heliocare if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding? There are no known risks of using Heliocare topical products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


I suffer from Melasma. Which product would be best for me? Visible light is a major trigger for pigmentation - for this reason if you suffer with melasma we’d recommend choosing from the Heliocare 360˚ range, which not only protects against UV, but also visible light and infrared-A. Simply choose the product that most suits your skin type. The Color products offer protection and foundation coverage in one, which will also help to even out your complexion. Heliocare Oral Capsules have been proven to reduce the severity of melasma when used as an adjunctive treatment. Simply take one capsule in the morning when you’re spending any time in the sun to give your skin the ultimate protection (always use in combination with one of the Heliocare 360° topical creams or gels).


Does Heliocare 360° protect against blue light? Yes, Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum (at 400-495nm), and Heliocare 360° provides protection against this as well as UV and infrared-A.


Do Heliocare products contain physical (mineral) or chemical (non-mineral) filters? The majority of Heliocare products, with the exception of the Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid, contain a combination of mineral and non-mineral filters. This allows the highest level of protection in a combination of product textures to ensure that everyone can find a Heliocare product that suits their skin perfectly, and that they love to use every morning. For those looking for a sun protection product with mineral only filters, the Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid is the ideal choice. It is absorbed quickly into the skin with a beautifully silky, clear finish without leaving any white residue.


Do chemical sunscreens cause hyperpigmentation? Some chemicals can cause PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) as they can create irritation and therefore inflammation within the skin. All Heliocare products are dermatologically tested and don’t cause irritation within the skin, hence they don’t cause the inflammation that could lead to PIH.


Will Heliocare help with pigmentation? The Heliocare 360° range is a great choice if you’re wanting to help prevent sun-induced pigmentation. UVA and visible light are both known key stimulants of pigmentation. The Heliocare 360° range not only provides high level protection against UVA and UVB, but also visible light and infrared-A.


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